Following the outcomes of YOULead, a previous edition of innovative educational program YOUAca program, as well as the establishment of the working group for youth camps within CSIT, the project is aimed to organize youth sports camps for young people aged 14 to 19 with the following objectives:

  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles for all
  • Gender balance in multi-sports activities
  • Increase of youth participation in sports

AiCS - Italy


TUL - Finland


UCEC - Spain


HLA - Croazia


Asko - Austria


HOCSH - Greece


AiCS – Italy

Name of the Camp: International Youth Sport Camp
Organization: AiCS
Country: Italy
Location (city/address): Lignano Sabbiadoro – Viale Centrale, 29 33054 (Ud)
Dates in which the Camp will take place: From July 28th to August 3rd
Contact person e-mail:
Contact person phone number: +39 349 245 5621

The summer camp proposed by AiCS aims to be a meeting point of sports activities, cultural activities and workshops. The theme of the camp will be to integrate sports and culture together, making participants active in devising 2 new sports that have gender equity as their goal, revisiting the traditional games of the past and promoting activities that promote environmental sustainability.

The camp will be at the Bella Italia tourist village in Lignano Sabbiadoro, and will include sports activities, social and cultural activities, fostering youth exchanges among young people from different European countries.

TUL – Finland

Name of the Camp: YouCAMP Sport Camp
Organization: Finnish Workers’ Sports Federation TUL
Country: Finland
Location (city/address): Pajulahti Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, Pajulahdentie 167, 15560 NASTOLA
Dates in which the Camp will take place: From [22] to [27] July
Contact person e-mail:
Contact person phone number: +358503375942

YouCAMP is a sport camp aimed at providing participants with a unique experience focused on sports, environmental conservation, and personal development. The camp is designed to offer a blend of sports training, eco-friendly initiatives, workshops, and recreational activities, all within a sustainable framework.

YouCAMP offers a diverse range of sports activities aimed at promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and skill development. We have Workshops to foster personal development and collaboration. Various selection of sports activities to be practiced and fascinating side activities as Activity Park, Campfire, Sauna and Swimming in the lake.

Structured training sessions and friendly competitions will be organized to develop participants’ skills and confidence in their chosen sports. Emphasis will be placed on fair play, teamwork, and mutual respect.

Located in Nastola, Finland, Pajulahti Olympic and Paralympic Training Center is a world-class sports facility dedicated to training athletes of all abilities. With top-class amenities and a charming environment, Pajulahti offers a comprehensive selection of training opportunities and services to meet your needs.

From elite athlete training camps to recreational sports events, Pajulahti is committed to promoting excellence, inclusivity, and the Olympic spirit. The center boasts top-notch accommodations, modern training facilities, and a supportive staff dedicated to helping athletes reach their full potential. Whether preparing for competition or simply enjoying an active lifestyle, Pajulahti provides an inspiring environment for athletes to thrive.

UCEC – Spain

Name of the Camp: Esportaventur
Organization: Consell Esportiu del Segrià
Country: Spain
Location (city/address): Almenar, Lleida.
Dates in which the Camp will take place: From July 1st to July 7th
Contact person e-mail:
Contact person phone number: +34722568796

This camp offers young people an immersive experience in nature combined with the thrill of outdoor sports. For a week, participants will have the opportunity to explore the wonderful natural surroundings while practicing a variety of exhilarating sports.

Some of the camp activities include:

  • Hiking and nature observation.
  • Water sports (canoeing, kayaking and swimming in local rivers).
  • Climbing and rappelling.
  • Adventure sports (zip lines, bridges and adventure circuits).
  • Team games and activities (friendly competitions, teamwork games and orienteering activities to encourage cooperation and team spirit).

The camp includes:

  • Transportation from the city to the place of the activity.
  • Sports and nature observation equipment.
  • Specialized guides for each activity.

Food for each day.

HLA – Croazia

Name of the Camp: Youth Empowerment Camp
Organization: Health Life Academy
Country: Croatia
Location (city/address): Pula
Dates in which the Camp will take place: From 23. to 27. September
Contact person e-mail:
Contact person phone number: +385996839104

The Youth Empowerment Camp in Pula, Croatia, is a five-day initiative designed to empower youth aged 14-19 through a dynamic blend of sport, tradition, and environmental activities. By engaging participants in innovative sport activities focused on environmental sustainability and the revival of traditional games, the camp aims to instill values of responsibility, inclusivity, and cultural heritage. Through workshops, discussions, and community engagement activities, participants will develop the knowledge, skills, and motivation to become agents of positive change in their communities. Aligned with the European School Sport Day initiative and The Moving Schools Challenger, this project seeks to amplify its impact and foster collaboration within the broader educational and sporting communities, ultimately creating a lasting legacy of empowered youth committed to building sustainable and inclusive societies.

Asko – Austria

Name of the Camp: Youth Sports Week
Organization: ASKÖ
Country: Austria
Location (city/address): Vienna
Dates in which the Camp will take place: From 14.07.2024 to 20.07.2024
Contact person e-mail:
Contact person phone number: +4366488251504

The children will train Judo, Athletics, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Handball and also will do sport activities’ together like tennis, soccer or athletic training. In the morning the group will do a run together near the beautiful river next to the accommodation.
The trainers will do activities like tiktakto or other kid of games with them. On Wednesday there will be the possibility to do a hike on the mountain next to the area or go with the boat to Hallstatt and visit this town. On Friday there will be games with all of the 100 children togheter.

HOCSH – Greece